Winter Evenings

28 11 2010

We have about 6″ of snow here, give or take a bit, and, although I’m not usually daunted by spending time out in the snow, I’m not going to be getting an awful lot of outside jobs done in the winter evenings with the weather like this.

Keeping Warm

We’ve found that to keep warm outside you need lots and lots of layers. For example, the past couple of days, I’ve been wearing vest, t-shirt, jumper, jacket, hat, 2 pairs of trousers, 2 pairs of gloves (thin riding gloves inside a pair of rubber work-gloves) and 4 pairs of socks. It’s not mattered that my clothes have let the moisture in, as there’s been enough air trapped between the layers to keep me warm anyway.

The same applies to keeping warm indoors – pile on the layers before turning up the thermostat. Rather than a duvet, we use a sheet, an empty duvet cover and a quilt. We’ve been sleeping with the window ajar. This morning, the half-finished cup of tea I left by the bed last night was frozen, but the bed was lovely and warm!

Using the Time

The winter nights provide an excellent opportunity to do all those bitty jobs and to take on projects and learn new skills. What better way to spend a winter evening than sitting in front of the fire, and why not, while you’re there, learn to mend clothes, knit, carve, whatever floats your boat.




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