Quick update

8 01 2011

We’ve been decorating the bedroom this week. We’ve not finished yet, but we’ve made a fair amount of progress and it’s looking pretty good so far. We’ve keeping it simple and painting the walls, ceiling, woodwork, window sill and radiator white. The fire place and mantle piece are staying black. We’re putting up new curtains and I’m planning out a dressing table / draw / cupboard / shelf unit for one of the alcoves. We’d not get any equivalent storage off the shelf that would fit, so I figured I may as well try my hand at making something. I was thinking of making a sliding door to cover the alcove from a couple of sheets of voile, curtain runners and pieces of balsa. Two pieces balsa would form the sides of the door. The curtain runners would go along the top and bottom. One sheet of voile would go across the front of the balsa and the other across the back. I’d half consider putting some LEDs in between the sheets of voile, but it might be difficult to manage and a wasteful.

We had the pony reshod this morning. She normally behaves impeccably for the farrier, but this morning was an exception. We took her out for a hack this afternoon and she was fantastic, though.

This evening’s been a bit lazy, so we’re ready to be up early to get on with the decorating in the morning.




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