Custard Pudding

18 05 2011

I’ve just come across a recipe for custard pudding that I’d like to try. I can imagine it wouldn’t be hard to get it just a little bit wrong, but it’d be fun and tasty anyway, even if it didn’t set quite right.

The recipe is taken from Armour’s Monthly Cookbook, Volume 2, No. 11, Oct. 1913 and is as follows.

Custard Puddings

These being the more easily made may be considered first. They may either be steamed or baked but the mixture is the same in either case. Allow two eggs and a teaspoonful of sugar to each half pint of milk. Beat the eggs with sugar thoroughly, but do not froth them, as the custard must be as smooth and free from holes as possible. Add the milk slowly, also a few drops of flavoring essence—vanilla, almonds or lemon. Pour into a buttered mould (or into individual moulds), set in a pan of hot water and bake until firm. Chill thoroughly and turn out on serving dish. Serve with sugar and cream. A pleasing addition to the above is made by garnishing the sides of the mould with strips of Canton ginger before pouring in the custard.




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