Bubble and Squeak

2 06 2011

Last night I made bubble and squeak. I hadn’t made it before. I think it was maybe a little on the sloppy side, but it tasted great. Here’s a quick run-down of the recipe.

Basically, I made mashed potato, added boiled cabbage and fried onion, mixed it all together, split it into patties and fried those. I suspect I may have used a little too much milk and/or not chopped the cabbage up finely enough, as the patties didn’t bind together too well when frying. Next time, I won’t fry them at such a high temperature, either. I understand that one would usually fry or grill bacon and chop that up and mix it in as well, but we didn’t have any bacon, so I just skipped that part.

I served it with sausages and gravy.

Bubble and squeak, pre-frying




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