20 08 2011

We got two young ferrets last weekend. They are 11-week-old sisters, one silver and one polecat. The silver is called Ferret and the polecat is called Weasel. We did intend to name them both but Ferret kind of stuck. They are really friendly, jolly little souls, if a little boisterous. They’ve got both the cats and both the dogs, a Lab and a Collie x Lab, healthily respectful of them. They torment the dogs terribly when they’re out.

The other night, I was sitting on the sofa and Ferret came running along the back of the sofa, climbed onto my head, leant too far and fell off into my bowl of pasta!

They have discovered all kinds of hiding places, the sofa being a particular favourite.




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16 09 2011
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18 09 2011
Hilma Mcgeorge

You my good friend are a genius

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