Book Review: Shepherd’s Prayer by Katja Willemsen

20 10 2012

I have recently read Shepherd’s Prayer, a Kindle eBook by Katja Willemsen. I reviewed it on Amazon but thought I’d post it here too.

From reading the synopsis, I was under the impression that this would be a thrill-a-minute, somewhat sensationalist adventure and not really my kind of book. From the outset it was clear I was wrong.

While it is fairly fast-paced, there were so many opportunities for the author to take the easy way out with the obvious “the lights came on, the police rushed in and we all went home for tea” ending, which never came. The characters are completely plausible and very well-developed and, while the story is exciting and has you wanting to keep on turning those ‘pages’, some important themes are addressed in an accessible way.

It’s a very interesting combination of adventure and a bit more. It punches well above the weight one might expect from the synopsis, in terms of depth, characters, plot and style. Definitely worth a read.




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