Seed head caught on horse hair

6 08 2011

We found this seed head caught on a horse hair, stuck in the edge of the field shelter doorway.


View of a rainbow and hillside over a hedge covered in Russian Vine

4 08 2011

Just another couple of photos from this evening. We’ve had some interesting, but not terribly popular, weather over the last couple of days. There were taken just after some warm, sunny drizzle. I was just playing around with framing the hill with the rainbow over it in the dip in the hedge. I was running a bit late, so only took a couple and they’re a bit dark. I might have a bit more a play around with them over the weekend.






Photos of moths, wasps and ladybirds

3 08 2011

Here are a few from today. There were 7 ladybirds on the same piece of fence, along with the wasp. The other night, we could hear the wasps chewing at the wood. The moth was on a glass door. I kind of like the way the picture came out with the reflection in the door.




Photos of Ants

1 08 2011

When I went out to my car this there was a bunch of pied wagtails gorging themselves on this ants‘ nest. They didn’t fly off when I walked up, but they did as soon as I got my camera out, so all I have pictures of are the ants!



Summer Photos

31 07 2011

Here are a few photos I took a couple of weeks ago on my Satio.





Weekend in pictures

26 06 2011

We’ve had a bit of garden waste kicking about for a while, waiting for the opportunity to burn it. We wanted to burn it on the herb/veg bed so we could dig the ash in. Friday night turned out to provide the ideal opportunity. I’d been hoping the 24th might be a possibility and, as it turned out, it was raining a bit as it came in dark, so no one was sitting out in their garden or had washing out. The wood was really dry, so went up very quickly and didn’t burn for too long. We went out and sat under a tree with the two dogs and one of the cats and watched the fire – it was great.

Last night, I made these Chocolate and Peanut Butter Squares. They are milk chocolate and double cream on top and white chocolate and peanut butter underneath. I left them in the fridge overnight and they were still a bit sticky this morning, although they had set enough to hold their shape. Next time, I’ll use less cream and peanut butter and hopefully that will make them set a bit harder. They taste great, though 🙂

This morning, I discovered that Candy had tidied herself neatly away in the larder.

It’s been really hot today, so I took a few pictures while I was out this afternoon. I don’t have a camera – I just use my mobile phone, so they’re not great quality and I’ve not a lot of settings I can change on the camera, but I like playing about with it nonetheless 🙂


23 06 2011

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