On this page, I will add links to recipes I’ve tried and what I did with them.

Rabbit Pie

Original Recipe: BBC Food

Results: 21 November 2010

Mince Stew

  1. Fry some beef mince and onion with sage or rosemary until the mince is brown in a large, deep pan
  2. Add vegetables, eg carrots, leeks, potatoes
  3. Add beef stock or stock cube
  4. Thicken up with cornflour and gravy granules to taste

Stuffed Apple

  1. Cut an apple in half and remove the core
  2. Mix butter, sugar, cinnamon and raisins (to taste) and stuff into the centre of the apple
  3. Cook in the centre of a hot oven until the apple begins to soften
  4. Serve alone or with hot milk

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