Seed head caught on horse hair

6 08 2011

We found this seed head caught on a horse hair, stuck in the edge of the field shelter doorway.


View of a rainbow and hillside over a hedge covered in Russian Vine

4 08 2011

Just another couple of photos from this evening. We’ve had some interesting, but not terribly popular, weather over the last couple of days. There were taken just after some warm, sunny drizzle. I was just playing around with framing the hill with the rainbow over it in the dip in the hedge. I was running a bit late, so only took a couple and they’re a bit dark. I might have a bit more a play around with them over the weekend.






Photos of moths, wasps and ladybirds

3 08 2011

Here are a few from today. There were 7 ladybirds on the same piece of fence, along with the wasp. The other night, we could hear the wasps chewing at the wood. The moth was on a glass door. I kind of like the way the picture came out with the reflection in the door.




Photos of Ants

1 08 2011

When I went out to my car this there was a bunch of pied wagtails gorging themselves on this ants‘ nest. They didn’t fly off when I walked up, but they did as soon as I got my camera out, so all I have pictures of are the ants!



Summer Photos

31 07 2011

Here are a few photos I took a couple of weeks ago on my Satio.





Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie

28 07 2011

I am actually rather enjoying the Sherlock series running on the BBC at the moment. They’ve done quite a good job of updating it, but the spirit of it is quite true to the original. Good fun.

I’ve been reading an Agatha Christie, The Secret Adversary, on my phone. There are some really quite amazingly racist, sexist and classist statements in it. Seeing how mainstream views like that were so recently does serve to remind how far we’ve comein a relatively short time. Still a good way to go, of course, but there’s always room for improvement in everything.

I’ve been playing round a bit with a few of the apps I downloaded the other day. I cropped and tweaked this picture in Photoshop Express.


Great in Britain

21 07 2011

I’ve just come across the Great in Britain photo archive. It is definitely worth a look. Here’s the blurb:

Great in Britain is a unique photographic archive of the British people at work. We invite the nation to submit photographs that celebrate the understated pride and passion of the often unsung working heroes that form the bedrock of this great nation. This gives us a fascinating insight into the world of work in Britain, chronicling the diversity of skills that exist in this country, as well as the great innovation and endeavour. will become a unique resource, a visual time capsule that will build a legacy for the future and enable viewers to discover and appreciate those who live and work around them now.

Through the Great in Britain project, Barbour will curate an archive of images that celebrate the Rural Community in Britain. We want to see the people who live and work in the countryside, catalogue the variety and breadth of skills and vocations that exist, and showcase the contribution that they make to our society.

Send us the pictures and tell us the stories of the people that you admire, those from your community, those that truly put the Great in Great Britain.

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