Hybrid Hotpot Recipe

23 06 2011

Last night I was meant to be doing Lancashire hotpot, but I didn’t have half the ingredients, so I made a rather more frugal version and thought I’d share it here.


I used 500g mince and the same volume of cooked porridge to feed 6.


Brown the mince by frying in a fairly deep pan; I used a wok. Chop the onion and add to the mince. While the mince and onions are cooking, boil some porridge and then rinse thoroughly with boiling water to get rid of the ‘gloop’, leaving only the oats. Add this to the mixture in the wok.

Mince, onion and porridge

Add hot water to partly cover the mixture. Stir in gravy granules and sage to taste. Leave it to simmer.

Pre-heat the oven to 190C. Grease an oven-proof dish and line the bottom with thin slices of potato. Pour in the filling, then cover with another layer of potato. Brush the tops of the potato slices with butter / margarine and bake in the oven until the potatoes go crispy and golden brown on top.

Before baking

After baking


Bubble and Squeak

2 06 2011

Last night I made bubble and squeak. I hadn’t made it before. I think it was maybe a little on the sloppy side, but it tasted great. Here’s a quick run-down of the recipe.

Basically, I made mashed potato, added boiled cabbage and fried onion, mixed it all together, split it into patties and fried those. I suspect I may have used a little too much milk and/or not chopped the cabbage up finely enough, as the patties didn’t bind together too well when frying. Next time, I won’t fry them at such a high temperature, either. I understand that one would usually fry or grill bacon and chop that up and mix it in as well, but we didn’t have any bacon, so I just skipped that part.

I served it with sausages and gravy.

Bubble and squeak, pre-frying

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