Fold-away bar / card table

22 07 2011

A couple of years ago, I made a fold-away bar-cum-card-table for my brother’s birthday. Apologies for the quality of the photos: they were taken on the mobile phone I had at the time. I don’t have any exact plans for it, because I pretty-much made it up as I went along. I think it’s pretty clear how it fits together from the photos, though. If anyone has any questions, I’ll try to elaborate.

I started out with two squares of board and attached lengths of 1×2 round the edges on the underside.

I then sized two sheets of board to fit inside the two squares created and another two sheets to be the same width, but about 100mm smaller in height. I hinged the sides of the smallest boards to those of the larger ones, so that the bases were level. I then hinged the top of the larger boards to the 1×2 on the first boards, so that the whole lot folded away inside the 1×2 frame.

Folded out.

Folded away.
I painted the assembly so far and a length of decorative edging with wood stain.

I then stretched green felt over one half of the top and fixed it in place by nailing on the pieces of decorative edging. On the fourth side, I used flat-headed tacks to nail it in place. I then attached the same edging to three sides of the other half of the assembly, but without the felt.

Next, I hinged the two halves of the assembly together along the sides without the decorative edging.

Folded away.

Folded away: hinge edge.

Folded out. I drilled holes in the underside of the 1×2 and in the top of the front pieces and cut lengths of dowel to fit. The weight of the folded out bar is borne by the dowel and by the sides of the 1×2 pressing together.



23 06 2011

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